Our Mission

To design a travel celebration that sticks with you for years to come

Because the best vacations keep giving even after your plane touches down back home. When your friends and family scatter again, and the pace of daily life picks up, I want you to be able to pause and reflect on your incredible journey together.

Don’t just make the trip—make lasting memories. I’m here to make that happen for you.

Hi! I’m Natalyn Sofola

I’m a travel junkie who’s been planning trips professionally for clients since 2006. But I have a surprising confession to make as a travel advisor: for a large part of my life, travel was just not my jam. 

My Story

Growing up, my father served in the Air Force, which meant we moved around a lot, all over the world—from Alaska to the Philippines. Every time we packed up, I hated leaving all my family and friends behind. For me, travel just meant more loneliness.

Eventually, I turned my attitude around and started looking forward to making new friends and embracing new cultures (turns out, being in the sun-drenched Philipines isn’t all bad!). And when I grew up, I started to see how travel can actually be the ultimate way to combat loneliness.

In fact, I think it’s the BEST way to build lasting bonds and bring people together. I began planning milestone travel celebrations for my own family and friends, and they make up my very best memories—including my mother’s 60th birthday aboard a cruise through Hawaii, my friend’s 50th in Cancun where we all color coordinated in pinks and took the cutest professional pics on the beach, and my own big birthday bash in Dubai, where we trekked through the desert on camels, rode ATVs across sand dunes, and took in the city’s twinkling lights on a special dinner cruise.

Break Away, Together

Today, I want to give the gift of cherished time together to my own clients. All too often, our day-to-day lives just resemble one looong to-do list—for true quality time, you need to break away from the daily grind.

That’s where travel comes in. It’s the perfect opportunity to gather your tribe together and take time out of your busy schedules to celebrate and honor accomplishments, large and small. I want you to not only celebrate together, but to do so without worrying about a single thing.

So trust your travels to me, for a stress-free celebration that will turn into cherished memories.


favorite travel adventures


A Caribbean cruise 

with my family where we lazed on the beach, tried all the watersports, and couldn’t stop laughing together.



A Mediterranean Cruise 


with my mom and her friends; we had a great time celebrating a birthday milestone and retirement as we visited Rome, Turkey, Athens and beyond.

favorite travel adventures



An all-inclusive resort in Jamaica 

for my uncle's 80th birthday—we climbed Dunns River Falls, bamboo rafted down the river, and enjoyed an ATV safari.

favorite travel adventures



A Hawaii Cruise 

for my oldest son's 5th birthday—we had such a good time we did the cruise again for my mom’s milestone birthday!

favorite travel adventures



A European river cruise 

from Vienna to Budapest with a group of women where we immersed ourselves in art, chocolates, wine, and culture.

favorite travel adventures

That brings out the smiles & builds life-long bonds

A vacation is so much more than a vacation—it’s a chance to explore beyond your wildest dreams, take a break from life’s daily stresses, and share all the incredible discoveries with the ones you love most. That’s why, as your personal advisor, I work to make sure your escape is all it can be—and totally effortless. 

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